This is a humble simulation of this post. The simulation looks cool but still far from the reality. Trying to figure out how to make it look better.

      The world spins around in shades of green,
      Life blossoms forth, a vibrant scene.
      A symphony of colors, a sight to be seen,
      Composed upon each blade, a masterpiece serene.

      Red, the color of passion and fire,
      A burst of energy, a fierce desire.
      It illuminates the darkness, never to tire,
      Composed upon the sky, a spectacle entire.

      Blue, the color of the endless sky,
      A vast expanse, a reason to fly.
      It holds the promise of tomorrow, a lullaby,
      Composed upon the water, a tranquil sigh.

      Life is but a canvas, colors ever-changing,
      A masterpiece in motion, forever arranging.
      Each hue a brushstroke, endlessly ranging,
      Composed upon the soul, a never-ending painting.