I got two security keys from yubico and paired most of my important accounts with the keys.

yubico key

Yubico offers 6 kinds security keys for general customers. The ones I got support both Type-C ports and NFC. Others kinds of keys include USB-A/NFC, C-Lightning, mini Type-C, mini Type-A, and Type-C only. There was an promotion offered by CloudFlare a few months ago but I missed because my account has access to two accounts and I got disoriented by that. The student promotion offered by yubico allowed me to purchase these two keys for 90$.

In terms of user experience, the security keys are a bit slower than one-time password (OTP) because I have to insert the key and tap on it to confirm using it whereas I can fill in OTP with just one click with my password manager. The deliberateness makes me want to by the mini Type-C key since I can keep the key connected with my computer all the time. BUT, my wallet is quite flat now. For simplicity and convenience, I paired only the keys with my important accounts that don’t get logged in unknown environment often. Everything should be pretty secure right now; all I can do is pray the careless me won’t lose the physical key…

Oh, the purpose of writing this post is to show that you can now click on the languages below the title to switch between available languages!

下一个要做的是处理一下图像的压缩,可能写个Vite的插件看看,在 build 的时候转化退片

The next goal is to work on image compression. Maybe I should write a Vite plugin so that it can shrink images during compile time.